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***Please be aware during November and December, receiving your sample kit and/or

treatment may take a little longer than normal due to the postal strikes***


About the DEVA study


We are looking for women to join our study and help us find out whether a new antiseptic treatment, dequalinium chloride, is as good at treating bacterial vaginosis (BV) symptoms (such as an unpleasant smell or discharge) as antibiotics.

Joining the study is easy and free and you can take part without leaving the house. To get involved you need to:

  • Complete the expression of interest form (pink button at the top of this page) and let us know the best time to call you.

  • We send you everything you need to be part of the trial, including study information and and a vaginal sample kit (by post) to check if you have BV.

  • If you do have BV and join the trial, we will post out your treatment for free, along with a second sample kit to check if your treatment has worked.

  • Four and 12 weeks after you start treatment, we will ask you to answer some questions about your symptoms. To say thanks, we will send you £15 of Amazon vouchers (£10 at week 4 and £5 at week 12).

For more information, watch the below video.



If you would like to speak to a one of the DEVA nurses about the study, the medications or what to expect if you do choose to take part, please use the details below:

Helen Rollins, 0113 39 20302

Michelle Loftus-Keeling, 0113 39 20323

or feel free to email the study team on



Frequently Asked Questions


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What should I do if I need medical attention whilst taking treatment or if after the treatment my symptoms return or do not resolve completely?

We advise you to seek additional medical care and advice from your local healthcare provider e.g. GP or local GUM clinic.


You can find your local sexual health clinic using the form on the NHS website available here: 

Can I join the trial if I am using anti-fungal treatment?
If it is taken intravaginally then no you can't, but if it is taken orally or cream not intravaginally then yes you can. 
Do I still need to complete the questionnaires if I receive standard of care antibiotics?
Yes you do, completing the questionnaires is very important to find out which treatment is more effective at treating BV.



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